(5) Steps to Your Ideal Pool Cleaning Robot

By Christine G. Adamo

Maytronics manufactures a wide range of Dolphin automatic pool cleaners.

Some are best suited to Olympic-sized or commercial swimming pools. If you operate a uniquely-shaped private swimming pool, your choice in robotic vacuums may differ. Other units are a fine fit for residential swimming pools. The aim of this particular post is to help home pool owners make the most of your outdoor living and swim experience, no matter which category of need most closely matches your own. The goal is to choose a user-friendly, energy-efficient robotic pool cleaner.

Why Choose Dolphin?

Which Dolphin pool cleaning robot best suits you? You decide! When you do, post a review below. (Pictured: Girl swimming with a dolphin.)

Which Dolphin pool cleaning robot best suits your needs? You decide! (Then post pics and a review in the comments below.)

This discussion began a few months ago, when the Maytronics “Dolphin Days” Summer Rebate program was in full swing. If you missed that opportunity, don’t fret. While we all love to save money, energy-saving Dolphins do a superb job of cleaning and are a great value … any time of year!

Customers frequently rave about the results they get, often citing unmatched floor-to-surface cleaning due to features like Intelligent Navigation and Active Brush technology. With help from Dolphin, their pool water becomes more inviting and their poolside or backyard experience is improved.

Cindy Lindeman of Wisconsin says: “Named (ours) Flipper. He does a GREAT job. I love that I can put him in and walk away to do other things, knowing that after 2-3 hours my pool is super clean and ready to go.” That’s music to Maytronics’ ears, as the company prides itself on making your life (and family time) easier through ongoing innovation.

(5) Steps to Your Ideal Pool Cleaning Robot

Every Dolphin is equipped to offer high-quality, wall-to-wall cleaning performance within its respective category. Choosing the right one gets even easier when you know a little something about each series. My recommendation for finding your appropriate fit involves a 5-Step process that unfolds this way:

1.   Visit Maytronics online.
2.   Explore “Residential Pools.”
3.   Visit a local Maytronics dealer.
4.   Request a Dolphin demonstration.
5.   Purchase your robot and put it to work!

If you like, visit Maytronics’ YouTube channel for access to product videos.

The Maytronics Dolphin P Series of automatic pool cleaners (pictured) gives you five ways to get crystal clear results.

The Maytronics Dolphin P Series of automatic pool cleaners offers five ways to get crystal clear results.

That said, when shopping for the ideal Maytronics pool cleaning robot, the quickest way to cut to the chase may be to visit an Elite Dealer in person. Request information and a live demo! In any case, the following primer will get you closer to deciding which hose-free, multi-layer filtration unit makes sense given your unique situation.

•   AG Series – Above Ground pool vacuums
•   S Series – Standard pool vacuums
•   C Series – Classic pool vacuums
•   P Series – Premium pool vacuums

Other options, which we’ll explore in the future, include: Commercial pool cleaning robots (suited to theme parks, resorts and private clubs) and Institutional robots (best for community, school and university pools).

As you read on and shop for a new Dolphin, consider the words of Jerry Filippone, a longtime fan in Illinois: “I have used Dolphin cleaners since 2003. That (original) Dolphin served me well for 12 years without a problem. The time came to replace the cleaner. My decision was easy. I purchased (another) Dolphin.”

AG Series Dolphins
MSRP: under $500

The Above Ground Series includes the Active 10 and the S 50. At the entry-level, the Dolphin Active 10 robot provides effortless operation and has a top-access filtration system for simple cleanup. It is lightweight, durable and easy on the eyes. If you want enhanced navigation control, the S 50 leverages CleverCleanTM technology to scan your pool via on-board software and then intelligently work its way around obstacles such as stairs.

The Maytronics Dolphin S Series of robotic pool cleaners (pictured) offers eight distinct options.

The Maytronics Dolphin S Series of robotic pool cleaners currently offers eight distinct options.

S Series Dolphins
MSRP: $549-$899

The S Series includes the Active 20, Atlantis, DX3, Echo, Encore, Endeavor, M 200 and S 200. While compact, these ergonomic robots get the job done quickly and effectively. At less than 15 lbs., the Encore cleaning cycle is roughly 2 hrs. It’s great for pools up to 33-ft. long. If your pool happens to be longer (up to 50 ft.), consider the Dolphin S 200.

C Series Dolphins
MSRP: $1,199-$1,399

The C Series includes the Active 30, Apollo, DX4, Edge, M 400 and S 300. The Active 30—for one—features a patent-pending PowerStream Mobility System that enhances grip along vertical surfaces. If you’ve got more pool to cover, the Apollo Classic scrubs clean pools up to 50 ft. in about 3 hrs. Wanna set it and forget it? Use the built-in, weekly timer!

P Series Dolphins
MSRP: $1,399-$1,599

The Premium Series includes the Active 30i, Apollo Plus, DX6, M 500 and S 300i. Each entry in the Dolphin Premium pool vacuum line comes standard with IntelliScan technology for comprehensive floor-to-waterline cleaning, a timer system, multi-function controls, a robust warranty and a high-capacity filtration system. One example is the Apollo Plus—with multiple settings, precise movement and a tangle-free power cable.

Maytronics Dolphin Classic (or C Series) robots are available in six unique designs (pictured).

Maytronics Dolphin Classic (or C Series) robots are available in six durable and unique designs.

Other Maytronics Benefits

Beyond convenience, there are other benefits to owning a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner. Conveniences like online Warranty registration and superior Customer Support.

Registering your product is quick, easy and offers perks like real-time software updates and Techical Support alerts. It also opens you up to receiving useful notifications about special savings available to registered users interested in related pool accessories or products (i.e., Solara Pool Heating Systems).

As for service, the Maytronics staff is always happy to answer your questions. Or to address your concerns, whatever they may be.  Or to simply chat a while. Hmmm, that makes me wonder: Which Dolphin did you choose?

Post your pics and a review in the comments below!