Maytronics Robots vs. Suction/Pressure Pool Cleaners

By Christine G. Adamo

Will a Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaning robot truly make a difference in your life? You decide!

Efficient, clog-free, multi-layer filtration technology means superior clean. (Filter image courtesy of Maytronics U.S.)

Efficient, clog-free, multi-layer filtration delivers a superior clean. The S Series is pictured here. (Image courtesy of Maytronics U.S.)

Visit MaytronicsUS.com and what’s posted front and center is this: The Dolphin Difference. Yep, an entire tab is dedicated to helping you distinguish key features which make Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaners the absolute best choice for commercial, residential or otherwise private swimming pools.

We’re talking user-friendly, robotic vacuums designed and tailored to suit every size, shape and type of pool imaginable.

Nothing cleans pools better or lets you enjoy a more carefree pool lifestyle. First, Maytronics is a leader in pool industry innovation. Second, Dolphin automatic pool cleaners deliver outstanding performance while being energy efficient and easy to use. All of that frees you up to enjoy your home, family and outdoor poolside experience—especially when compared to suction- or pressure-side styles (see below).

The Dolphin Difference

With a durable and dependable Dolphin by your side, you benefit from:

Crystal Clear Cleaning – Numerous features noticeably improve the health and safety of pool water and surface water.
Effortless Operation – Plug it in, drop it in and forget it while saving time, hassle and energy-related expenses.
Peace of Mind – Do more of what you love, checking pool water concerns off your To-Do list forever.

Your outdoor living or backyard experience also improves in a number of other ways. Learn how below!

Crystal-clear cleaning

Advanced filtration, enhanced navigation control, active brushes and other technologies are built into each and every Dolphin. Their filters capture fine and ultrafine particles, as well as larger debris (i.e. leaves, twigs) for an unmatched clean. CleverCleanTM scanning provides systematic coverage for targeted, superior scrubbing. In addition, active brushing action makes easy work of eliminating algae and bacteria.

Simple is as simple does. Dolphin filters quickly rinse clean with a garden hose. (Image courtesy of Maytronics U.S.)

Simple is as simple does! Dolphin filters quickly rinse clean with the spray of a garden hose. (Image courtesy of Maytronics U.S.)

Effortless operation

Maytronics wants your life—as a pool owner—to be enjoyable. Simple handling, emptying and operation are key to achieving that. Dolphin robots do 99% of the work for you, so set it and forget it! Each one is lightweight, ergonomic in design and a breeze to deploy or retrieve. These fully independent units let you sit back and relax, as your Dolphin tends to the details of pool ownership for you.

Peace of mind

Swimming should be pleasurable. Get peace of mind with a top performing robot that’s built to last and backed by a swim industry leading warranty. High-quality parts and materials ensure years of faithful service. Should you need it, an extensive global network of trained professionals is available to you. Have other questions? Digital product manuals and Customer Support are just a click away!

A Quick Comparison

For comparison’s sake, let’s see what suction-side and pressure-side pool cleaners offer. One change you’ll notice, when using a Maytronics Dolphin, is that something’s missing. A number of inconveniences, in fact, are gone for good. Cumbersome hoses. Confusing pump hookups. Costly adapters, etc. Where did they go? Dolphin pool cleaning robots make them obsolete. All you need to do is: Plug in a power cable, slide your pool cleaner in and turn it on. Later? Pull it out of the water with ease.

Intelligent navigation lets Dolphins map out, memorize and scrub clean every inch. (Image courtesy of Maytronics, U.S.)

Intelligent navigation lets Dolphin robots map out, memorize and scrub clean every inch of pool. (Image courtesy of Maytronics, U.S.)

Insider Tip: After use, rest your Dolphin robot on the pool’s edge and let all water drain back into the pool before attempting to lift it fully up and out. The water’s crystal clean, so let it drain without worry! If not, you risk causing yourself strain—which runs counter to why Dolphins are made in the first place.

When describing the lightweight Dolphin which appears 1st on its list of “10 Best Automatic Pool Cleaners,” Prime Reviews notes that the Nautilus Model # 99996323 for one “reaches far points of (larger) pools” to clean areas other types of pool cleaners miss entirely or merely skim over. A big plus, right?

But it’s not just this particular model. Every single Dolphin works hard to clean hard-to-reach places.

Suction-Side Pool Cleaners

Suction-side pool cleaners attach to the suction side of outdoor plumbing systems. Water is drawn out of the pool by a separate and often sizeable filter pump before being diverted to a pool filter for cleaning—all of which may require special pipes, valves and fittings. Dirt and debris compromise this process, as they’re drawn into a related pump basket and filter. Pools which attract large or rough debris are a poor fit for suction-side pool cleaners.

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners

Pressure-side pool cleaners attach to the pressure, or return, side of outdoor plumbing systems. Low- and high-pressure (aka booster pump) units exist, driven by the effort your plumbing system has to make to push water back into the pool after it runs through a separate filter. This may require special pipes, valves or fittings and a pressure gauge is recommended. That pushing action may circulate pool water a bit but suction wanes when debris bags or filters are blocked/full.

Maytronics Dolphins—Clearly Superior!

Neither suction- nor pressure-side pool cleaners achieve a standard of clean afforded by Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaning robots. Like a broom, the others sweep dirt and debris around randomly. Some even require manual effort: Jump in and scrub vigorously with a wand attachment, hoping to pick up what’s left on the pool floor. Not so with Dolphins—which independently map out, memorize and scrub clean every inch of your pool.

The benefits to owning Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are outlined here and are numerous! (Image courtesy Maytronics U.S.)

The benefits of owning Dolphin robotic pool cleaners go beyond standard. They’re exceptional! (Image courtesy Maytronics U.S.)

As Prime Reviews adds, of the Nautilus’s thoroughness: “This automatic pool cleaner is one of the best choices for those with unusually shaped pools and larger pools that can be reached with the (60-ft.) cord; especially those who don’t want to have to rely on water pressure to propel the pool cleaner.”

Did we mention a lack of hoses? With Maytronics there’s no hopping around. Or worrying that dogs and children might get perilously entangled. What’s more, Dolphins run on roughly 5-cents’ energy per hour.

They’re smart, too, with Intelligent Navigation that senses and weaves around obstacles (i.e., stairs). Their fine filter walls offer superior levels of clean, letting you rinse away any debris with a quick spray of the garden hose. If you use a smartphone, get a Bluetooth® compatible model and take advantage of the FREE MyDolphinTM app’s remote control capabilities. Made a decision yet?

Learn more from Maytronics on YouTube, at MaytronicsUS.com or from your local Elite Dealer.