Improved Content, Images, Video & Online Tools

By Christine G. Adamo

Maytronics U.S. is improving the way it does business—in more ways than one.

In late January, Maytronics moved to a new headquarters at 2221 Northmont Pkwy., Suite 400, in Duluth, Georgia. Later this month, the robotic vacuum manufacturer and pool cleaning robot industry leader will make another bold move, launching a splashy new website with a slew of great features.

Maytonics Dolphin robotic pool cleaners deliver confidence and an unmatched level of clean. (Image outlines clean water benefits)

Maytonics Dolphin robotic pool cleaners deliver confidence and an unmatched level of clean along with convenience!

“The new website has been designed with a goal of giving residential pool owners, commercial swimming pool operators and Maytronics Dolphin Dealers the ultimate user experience,” says Steve Skura, Marketing & Communications Manager for Maytronics U.S.

“We’re helping consumers learn more about robotic pool cleaners and then select the Dolphin automatic pool cleaner that meets their needs. Several new tools expand their local and online buying options—while helping them narrow their selection to models which can best serve them long-term.”

Website maintenance and pool maintenance get along swimmingly at


Before Summer hits its stride and lounging poolside is all you can think about, visit and take a leisurely swim through the site’s enhanced content. Search pool supply store owners in the U.S. and Canada. Explore your many options in energy-efficient, energy-saving and user-friendly robots.

Get crystal clean results from pool surface to pool floor with help from features like:

•   A newly revamped Dolphin Selector Tool
•   Improved website design for easier navigation
•   Additional Dolphin robot content, images & videos
•   Comparison Tools, including “Online-Only” Special Offers
•   Blogs on improving pool water quality and your swim experience

Dolphins let you enjoy the summer and sparkling clean pool water without the hassle of suction and pressure systems. (Picture features a variety of Dolphin pool robots)

With Dolphin, you enjoy summer and sparkling clean pool water without the hassle of suction and pressure systems.

Which Maytronics ergonomic, drop-and-go pool cleaner is right for you? Find out—quickly and easily—with help from the above improvements and then some.

Skura notes that the new website launch is one more way Maytronics can demonstrate its commitment to remaining a leader in: Intelligent Navigation, superior Product Support, unmatched Warranty programs and Pool Industry news.

“We’re a well-established market leader in pool cleaning robots for your home pools, commercial pool cleaner products for large-scale facilities and outdoor living supplies of all kinds,” he explains. “So, whether you own a private swimming pool or manage an Olympic-sized public pool, our website is now better equipped to serve you.”

While a lot is changing at Maytronics, there’s no point in messing with perfection!

Maytronics’ Ongoing Commitment

A new HQ. A new website. A new way to engage with Maytronics U.S.

While all of these changes give rise to great things, the company remains firm in its belief that the best customer service experience arises from manufacturing quality products and maintaining strong, supportive relationships with pool owners like you and your local Maytronics distributor.

Peace of mind is a precious thing. You've earned it. Put that Dolphin to work so you can relax more. (Mother and child in the pool)

Peace of mind is a precious thing. You’ve earned it. Put that Dolphin to work so your family can relax carefree.

Take confidence in knowing that you’ll continue to benefit from the convenience of owning a reliable, money-saving and high-performing Dolphin. One that increases your peace of mind and lets you and your guests spend more time enjoying your pool in the summertime—or year ’round, depending on where you are.

Dolphin robots have an average lifespan of 5-7 years, come complete with industry leading warranties and are 8x more efficient than old-fashioned suction and pressure cleaners. That one smart investment (packed with multi-layer-filter, active-brush and other technologies) rewards you with lasting benefits.

Whether you prefer above-ground or in-ground, a superior clean in every backyard is Maytronics’ goal.

You deserve nothing less!

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