Talk Dolphin S300i to Me

5 Cool Features of Your Robotic Pool Cleaner

By Christine G. Adamo

When it comes to pool water, peace of mind is a wonderful thing and the Dolphin S series delivers. (photo: Dreamstime Creative Commons)

When it comes to pool water, peace of mind is a wonderful thing. Your Dolphin S series? Delivers! (photo: Dreamstime Creative Commons)

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to pool water—which touches every precious surface of our bodies. Not to mention those of the folks we invite over for a cool, refreshing dip in the pool. Friends. Children. Grandchildren. In some cases, that even includes our furriest family members!

With a Dolphin S300i automatic pool cleaner from Maytronics, peace of mind isn’t the only thing built right in. These streamlined powerhouses are used in 46 countries, have filtered more than 200 Billion cubic km of water and are proudly used by 1 Million swimming pool owners and counting.

Yet, what if you can’t make heads or tails (pun intended) of all the fantastic features this energy efficient product line offers? Each robot in the Dolphin S-series is priced right and runs like a dream. One Miami-based client even raved about the great things his unit helps him achieve!

Still, it’s time we talk about your pool’s Dolphin S300i—in a way that’s less-techy and more user-friendly.

5 Cool Features of Your S300i

I could wax poetic about the many things a Dolphin S300i is good for, but I won’t. You don’t need that level of detail from me. Not when you can read your owner’s manual. (If that’s your thing? Go for it!) I’d rather call your attention to a few, key features which make your Maytronics pool cleaning robot so unique.

The (5) coolest features of your Dolphin S300i include:

  • Bluetooth® Technology

  • 360-Degree Mobility

  • Dynamic Filtration

  • Energy Savings

  • Safe Operation

The Dolphin S series of robotic pool cleaners rocks! (photo: Dreamstime Creative Commons)

Dolphin S300i robotic pool cleaners rock (5) ways from Sunday. (photo: Dreamstime Creative Commons)

Bluetooth Technology

I used to think chic Bluetooth® speakers were the bomb. Just wait ‘til you’re airport bound and realize you left your Dolphin S300i to fend for itself. (Poor li’l guy.) Not to worry. Maytronics makes an app for that!

The MyDolphinTM app lets you activate, set and forget your residential swimming pool cleaning system from nearly anywhere, using your smartphone’s Bluetooth® technology. So, go ahead! Check in, change your robot’s settings and get product updates in real time. Available at


360-Degree Mobility

The patent-pending PowerStream Mobility System is one of the best features about your Dolphin S300i. Multi-directional water flow helps your automated pool cleaner keep a firm grip as it climbs vertical surfaces. The result? A thorough and precise scrub down of every pool surface in roughly 2.5 hrs.—waterline included. This 360-degree twist allows your little fella to move up, down, left, right. How’s that for advanced navigation control?

Dynamic Filtration

Your Dolphin S300i’s high-capacity, multi-layer filter has a generous surface area and is tucked neatly inside its top compartment. Out of sight? Out of mind! Layers upon layers of dedicated filters work tirelessly to parse out rough, fine and ultra-fine impurities. High-efficiency, clog-free operation ensures you’ll never break your back (or a freshly manicured nail) dismantling it. Just snap open the top-access panel for simple, routine cleaning and maintenance.

The Maytronics Dolphin S300i saves times and money better spent on nights out (photo: Dreamstime Creative Commons)

The Maytronics Dolphin S300i saves time and money better spent with friends. (photo: Dreamstime Creative Commons)

Energy Savings

Do you leave the lights on? (Guilty as charged.) Whether you’re an energy hog or eco-friendly, the Dolphin S300i’s Advanced Power Supply system ensures that your pool cleaner saves energy. Translation?

Money that’s better spent on Margaritas with the girls at your favorite Mexican hideaway. (Olé!) Its handheld control panel is sleek in design and offers multiple energy-saving functions, responding quickly to simple touchscreen commands.


Safe Operation

Being savvy to the built-in perks and features of your Dolphin S300i matters, but so does safety. No one’s invested more in making your robotic pool cleaning system safe for home use than the company behind the top-selling Dolphin robotics line—Maytronics. Known for high-quality components, innovative designs and sound electrical configurations, they’ve led the private swimming pool industry for 35 years.

Ready for More? Why Not!

There’s more to love about choosing a Dolphin S300i for your swimming pool. It’s lightweight, easy-to-lift and easily maneuvered. Get a grip on how easy it is to handle by clicking HERE. You’ll appreciate its ergonomic design and rapid clean-water release feature, which make quick and easy work of lifting that Dolphin out of the water. If it ever needs routine maintenance or repair? Rest assured it’ll be back on the job in no time.

Clear, sparkling pool water provided by the Dolphin S300i.

Clear, sparkling pool water is what the Maytronics Dolphin S300i provides. (photo: Dreamstime Creative Commons)

As a pool owner, you know that life was meant to be enjoyed and that having peace of mind increases that joy. So, tell us what having an immaculate and luxurious pool means to you.

While you’re at it, show us what you do with the time and money you save by being the proud owner of a reliable Dolphin S300i. Share your story and post your own snazzy pics at Instagram (#Maytronics_US) or on Twitter @MaytronicsUS.


Editor’s Note: Buying a Dolphin S300 or S300i? Ask your local pool supplier about a FREE 6-month extended warranty.