Robotic Pool Cleaners & Sustainability

(5) Energy-Saving Benefits Built Right Into Your Dolphin

By Christine G. Adamo

Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. (Image courtesy New Photo Svc. at Dreamstime)

Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are hard- working, energy-efficient and eco-friendly. (Image courtesy New Photo Service at Dreamstime)

Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are always a safe bet, as a trusted frontrunner on numerous “Best in Class” list. It’s no surprise then that, in a March 2017 survey for Best Reviews, one longtime Pool Maintenance Consultant and Technician gave the Dolphin Nautilus Robotic automatic pool cleaner top billing.

Yet, why is that? He sums up his expert findings this way: “The Dolphin Nautilus (is) essentially a Roomba® for swimming pools. Ready to go within minutes of unboxing, (it) automatically scans all surfaces to be cleaned.” As if that weren’t enough, he cites “maximum efficiency” as another Top Tier benefit—and he’s right!

Dolphin pool cleaning robots are energy-efficient, energy-saving and cost-effective: a sustainability trifecta if ever there was one. In the process, they provide consistently clean pool water via user-friendly active brush and multi-layer filter technologies—routinely outshining external pump-and-filter systems. As you’ll soon read, there’s even more to know about the built-in benefits of Dolphin robotics.

(5) Energy-Saving Benefits Built Right In

Traditional pressure-and-suction pool cleaners are dependent on external hardware that requires added energy consumption to function properly. Not the case for Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, which get their power from a standard outlet and feature self-contained pool filtration systems.

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Money may not grow on tress, but saving is easy with Maytronics. (Image by Indian Summer Dreamstime CC)

More to the point, these beauties move about freely and effortlessly. As they do that, they remove dust and debris from every surface of your private or residential swimming pool.

At the same time, they afford you a more luxurious poolside view—one that’s free of unsightly hoses which would otherwise clutter up your outdoor oasis, mar the appearance of your home and quite literally trip up guests or family members.

Five additional benefits, which are built right into your Dolphin robot, deserve a special mention. We’ll touch on each one in detail below:

• Energy Efficiency
• Eco-Friendly Operation
• Robotic Scanning Technology
• Remote Control & Bluetooth® Options
• Ease of Use & Accessibility

Energy Efficiency

If I asked you to guess, how much would you say it costs to operate a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner for 1 hour? If you said 5 cents (yep!) you’d be right on the money. Dolphins are built, by Maytronics, to be incredibly energy efficient. So much so that it costs 15 cents to run it thru a full cycle of roughly 3 hours. And, as stated above, Dolphins run independent of traditional pump-and-filter systems to deliver an even greener experience.

Dolphin automated pool cleaners serve up savings and sustainability. (Money on a plater image courtesy Dreamstime CC)

Dolphin automatic pool cleaners serve up savings and sustainability. (Image courtesy Dreamstime CC)

Eco-Friendly Operation

Want some more good news—for you and for our precious planet? Well, I’m happy to serve up both!

By using a fraction of the energy consumed by other pool cleaning systems, Dolphin robotic swimming pool cleaners are economically and ecologically friendly, which makes you that much more economically and ecologically savvy.

Ultra-fine filters collect debris in a self-contained compartment to reduce backwash, reduce the need for chemical additives and improve water flow or circulation.

Robotic Scanning Technology

Ongoing innovation in operating efficiency is paramount at Maytronics—a global leader in robotic scanning technology for more than a quarter century. When you drop a Dolphin into your swimming pool, it doesn’t just bounce around the pool floor. Its advanced robotic technology quickly assesses your pool’s dimensions and uses a smart, systematic scanning pattern to clean every gorgeous inch of your in-ground pool until it gleams.

Remote Control & Bluetooth® Options

With a Dolphin you also save time, effort and energy. The latest generation of Dolphin robots come equipped with remote control and Bluetooth® technologies (easily operated via the MyDolphinAppTM for smartphones) which let you activate your pool cleaner remotely via the touch of a button. Translation? There’s no need to interrupt your travel plans! Keep heading for the airport and let your Dolphin do the dirty work for you.

State-of-the-art living doesn't have to be costly. Consider Dolphin robotics. (image courtesy Dreamstime CC)

State-of-the-art living needn’t be costly. Dolphin robotics save time, energy and resources. (Image courtesy Dreamstime CC)

Ease of Use & Accessibility

Top-of-the-line Dolphins come equipped with the most advanced features the industry has ever seen—and the most powerful cleaning systems. So, simply set it and forget it!

There’s a Dolphin well-suited to every pool size and budget. Ask your local dealer which model from Classic to Exclusive is the best fit for your own unique needs or click HERE to peruse the Dolphin online buying guide.

Keep the local ecology in balance and keep energy costs low as you keep cool. Opt for a Dolphin robotic pool cleaning system. Ask your local pool supply dealer for details.