Make Summer Fun—for Everyone!

Dolphin Wave Commercial Pool Cleaners Put the “Fun” in Summer

By Christine G. Adamo

Few things are more exciting for couples and entire families than the thought of a trip to a resort or theme park in search of Summer fun. Yet, as any commercial pool owner or operator knows, preparing for guests’ arrival can be a daunting task.

Pictured here, Maytronics Dolphin Wave 200 series commercial pool cleaners deliver safe, hygienic results.

Maytronics Dolphin Wave 200 pool cleaning robots offer a safe, hygienic clean for a better guest and staff experience.

Does it have to be? Definitely not! Make this season worry-free for guests (and staff) with a drop-and-go Maytronics Wave series robotic pool cleaner. These heavy-duty pool cleaning robots are available at affordable prices and make easy work of keeping larger and even Olympic-sized pools clean and safe all Summer long.

Maytronics, a trusted name in automatic pool cleaners with commercial applications, offers multiple options. Each is built to last, user-friendly and features a multi-layer filtration system that delivers amazing, energy-saving results in less time than it takes to prep the Grand Ballroom for special events.

So, c’mon in. The pool water—floor to surface—is simply perfect!

Make a Splash—with Maytronics Wave Pro Robots

Maytronics’ Pro class swimming pool cleaning robots fall into the Wave 75, 100, 200 and 300 categories. While all are geared toward improving the in-pool and poolside experience for end users and cleaning crews, they’re grouped by the level of unmatched clean they achieve in swimming pools of various sizes.

The benefits of owning a Maytronics Dolphin Wave automatic pool cleaner (pictured here) go beyond convenience.

The benefits of owning a Wave 200 automatic pool cleaner go beyond convenience.

Today’s focus is on the Wave 200, which offers exceptional wall-to-wall cleaning for pools up to 75 ft. by 110 ft. in size. (Think: Eight full lanes.) Key features built right in or designed to enhance the performance of this ergonomic, energy-efficient robot vacuum include:

•   Digital interface with remote control
•   35m (or 114.8 ft.) long swivel cables
•   Multi-angle active brush systems
•   Advanced program options
•   CleverClean technology
•   Multipurpose caddy
•   Top access filters

The Wave 200XL offers the best value for commercial pool owner budgets, delivering an uncompromising level of performance. New strides in professional pool cleaning innovation also make this series revolutionary and reliable, providing the best indoor or outdoor swim experience in its class.

Quick Results for Increased Summer Fun

No one goes on vacation hoping to wait around for the pool to open … nor should they!

The Wave 200XL quickly and effectively cleans mid- to large-sized commercial pools of all shapes and types. That makes it a great, singular solution that’s well suited to addressing the unique needs of each and every pool that operates within your vacation property or recreation facility. What’s more, the Wave 200XL’s fast and efficient operation lets you keep those pools open longer—minimizing customer inconvenience, pool closures and staff downtime.

The Maytronics Dolphin Wave 200 sereis robotic pool cleaner makes easy work of large-scale projects. Features are listed here.

The Maytronics Wave 200 sereis robotic pool cleaner makes fun and easy work of large-scale projects.

What else makes this series so superior?

•   Precise Movement – with gyro- & compass-led operation
•   Auto Cable Release – for a safe, unencumbered experience
•   Clog-Free Filtration – cyclone spiral, coarse & ultra-fine filters
•   Bypass Mechanism – recognizing & navigating around obstacles
•   Remote Control – responding to commands issued across a wide area
•   Programmable Tracking – line-by-line, crisscross & maze algorithms
•   Spiral Water Flow – spinning water in, up & out for better run times
•   Enhanced Active Brushing – dual spiral & side brush technology

The 200XL offers top access with snap-in/snap-out separation of filter layers for ease of maintenance. On-board Multi-Media Interface (MMI) controls also make easy work of operation. In full compliance with Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Pool & Spa Safety Act regulations, it truly is the optimal solution for mid- to large-sized commercial pools.

Maytronics Wave Series of Robots

This series’ advanced technologies provide comprehensive scanning, thorough brushing and supreme filtering.

Pictured here the easy-to-use and easy-to-clean Maytronics Dolphin Wave 200 series pool cleaner saves you time, money and worry.

The easy-to-use, easy-to-clean Maytronics Wave 200 series pool cleaner saves you time, money and worry.

Backed by 30-plus years of industry expertise, Maytronics’ Wave 200 Series of commercial robotic pool cleaners are heavy hitters. Their cost-effective, fully-automated operation requires minimal intervention on your part.

This frees up your staff to focus on other tasks. The results? An unmatched level of truly hygienic clean. No wonder they’re the go-to robotic pool cleaner of choice for thousands of hotels, country clubs, theme parks, spas and swim complexes worldwide!

If you, too, hope to offer consumers a consistently clean swimming pool experience that’s distinguished by sparkling clear water and ease of pool cleaner operation, look no farther.

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