Life on Autopilot

Automated Homes: Robotic Pool Cleaners, Vacuums & More

By Christine G. Adamo

Spend more time living and less time cleaning, urges owner of Chicago-based industry authority Amar Rehal. The indoor/outdoor clean living e-tailer founded an online review site and store after making home life easier on his parents.

Automated homes offer the convenience consumers crave. (Image courtesy of 1 Sound Choice) Outdoor patio and entertaining.

More living. Less hassle. Automated homes offer conveniences today’s consumers crave. (Image courtesy of 1 Sound Choice)

“At their age,” he says, “rest and comfort should take priority over concerns such as cleaning.” He started them off with a robotic vacuum cleaner, which swept and mopped according to their schedule. Seeing that they loved the results, he branched out and began helping others with similar needs.

“Consumers are more familiar now with robot cleaners than a few years ago,” Amar told me. “Still, many are unaware of their benefits. Our site (helps) them understand those benefits and decide which cleaners match their needs.”

“Our customers are generally tech enthusiasts, busy with work, travel or older folks looking to make their lives easier. Sales overall, in this market, are seeing major growth.”

His site focuses on four categories of residential and commercial products: robotic pool cleaners, window cleaners, lawn mowers and vacuums. While this article offers insights into the state of cleanliness in some of those, it adds whole-home automation to the mix. Think lighting, security, home theatres and sound systems. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Robotic Pool Cleaners

  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

  • Whole Home Automation Systems

“Overall, I believe we’re on the verge of a shift in which home cleaning automation will soon become a norm and no longer a trend,” Amar said, citing market reports. “The benefits of outsourced cleaning in exchange for savings in time, money and labor will seem obvious in a few more years—especially as tech further improves and costs come down.”

Bring on the automated revolution, I say!

Auto Pilot—the Beauty of Automated Products

Whether talking about the Bluetooth® enhanced intelligent navigation of residential swimming pool cleaning robots or innovations in glass surface cleaners, we must get down to the nitty gritty. What makes life on auto pilot extra appealing are ergonomic, energy-efficient and user-friendly products like automatic pool cleaners.

Enhanced navigation control is one consideration. On-the-go remote control features like the MyDolphinTM smartphone app for pool owners is another. Let’s face it: The ability to activate and run an automated cleaning cycle for a private swimming pool from wherever you find yourself is the ultimate convenience.

And that’s what high-end consumers want, need and purchase—products packed with conveniences.

Robotic Pool Cleaners offer sparkling clean results with less effort. (Image courtesy of 1 Sound Choice)

Robotic pool cleaners give sparkling clean results despite less effort and lower energy consumption. (Image courtesy of 1 Sound Choice)

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Amar’s site identifies Maytronics’ Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 as a “powerful robot pool cleaner” that can scrub down even oversized in-ground pools.

Indeed it reliably brushes and vacuums clean floor surfaces, as well as coves, walls and waterlines. Public, private or commercial it can cover a 60-ft. swimming pool in six hours or less. Low energy use is a perk, as is a 90-ft. power chord.

A consumer named David, writing on behalf of an educational client with an Olympic-sized pool, labeled it “terrific” and gave it a 5-Star review. He cited utility savings and reliability among its benefits. Despite the entry fee, David said, he was glad he put price 2nd to convenience.

“This niche isn’t seeing growth only in the US market,” Amar added. “The robot vacuum’s biggest market is in Asia and it’s growing (in popularity) in both Europe and the US. Robot lawn mowers are widely used in Europe and are now shifting to the U.S. Pool cleaners—which are big in the U.S.—are now surging in Europe.”

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

When you think robotic vacuum cleaners, you might assume the Roomba started a revolution. Maybe it did, in a sense, but Swedish brand Electrolux is said to have put the 1st robot cleaner into production. Its Tribolite was covered in a BBC “Tomorrow’s World” science segment in 1996, which predates the aforementioned robot.

Bloomberg Business Week says the Roomba residential floor vacuuming robot was launched in 2002, by American technology company iRobot, on a limited run. In time for Christmas that same year, 50,000 were put on the market and adopted by major retailers like Kohl’s and Linens ‘n Things. Other brands include Dyson and Bobsweep.

Whole Home Automation Systems

Home Automation has been hot since 1962, when The Jetsons launched with an episode celebrating “Rosey the Robot.” Today’s automated lighting, security and sound systems are often combined via smart technology and are complemented by remodeling projects which result in swank home theatres and lush outdoor living spaces.

Smart Home technology and whole home automation systems have come a long way. (image courtesy 1 Sound Choice) Outdoor TV and sound systems.

Smart Home technology and whole home automation systems have come a long way outdoors, too. (Image courtesy of 1 Sound Choice)

1 Sound Choice has specialized in Smart Home Automation since 2005, winning numerous Consumer Electronics Assoc., Electronic House and related awards.

The industry leader offers home and business owners in and beyond the New Jersey tri-state area the whole enchilada—theatre, sound, surveillance, etc. Owner Ryan Herd has 27 years of Smart Home industry experience.

For him, automation is “personalization through the use of technology.” What’s more, Ryan adds: “There’s nothing like getting confirmation on your smartphone that the pool is ready to go, the lights are on/off and your assets are safe.”

So true!

More Living. Less Hassle.

Automatic products make life more leisurely. They also have an ability to increase users’ levels of eco-friendliness, running only as planned or when needed. Consider, too, other built-in features and functions which lower energy costs and consumption. Reduced reliance on chemicals and human or family pet interaction with those chemicals is another perk.

And, while I’m all for convenience, I’ll take conservation and sustainability any day of the week. If you’d like to learn more about upcoming trends in the household robotics market, Amar suggests checking into a report by Tractica, LLC, titled “Nearly 100 Million Consumer Robots Will Be Sold During the Next 5 Years.” Simply click HERE.

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