The C7 Debuts in Time for Winter & Spring Break 2018

By Christine G. Adamo

For many, the start of a new year is flush with resolutions. Travel more. Eat less. Exercise.

Consumers resolve to travel more, eat less and exercise. That puts your pool-based destination on their radar! (Hotel pool image courtesy Maytronics US)

We want to travel more, eat less and exercise. That puts your pool on the radar! (Image courtesy Maytronics US)

Lucky for you—if you work in the Hospitality industry or just about any sector that caters to folks hoping to squeeze in some extra swim time—Maytronics is unveiling a new line of robotic vacuums designed especially for you. Yes, those whose maintenance teams have had it with skimmers, clumsy hoses and pump-and-filter systems.

The C7 line of robotic pool cleaners debuts in early 2018. This leaves ample time to prep that on-site hotel pool for an influx of customers during Winter and Spring Break. Yet, I ask, while quoting the Facility Management Geeks at “Does your hotel have a flawless pool maintenance plan in place?” Fear not. I’m here to help!

Commercial Pool Maintenance & You

Maybe you’re a Hotel Manager, Facility Manager or Operations Manager. Or, perhaps, you’re a savvy Maintenance or Technical Support team member. In any case, you know how important it is to keep large-scale, commercial swimming pools functioning properly at all times. That’s because doing so helps you:

Large-scale, commercial swimming pools must function properly at all times (Poolside image courtesy Maytronics US)

Large-scale, commercial swimming pools must function properly at all times. (Image courtesy Maytronics US)

•   Significantly lower pool operating costs.
•   Reduce facility maintenance costs overall.
•   Provide a safe, worry-free swim experience.
•   Better utilize team member skills and expertise.
•   Use your noggin to solve more pressing problems.

Customer satisfaction gets a boon, too, since a better stay means more positive reviews and repeat business. Maytronics is prepared to do its part, providing info and support that’ll help you deploy your new C7 automatic pool cleaner without a hitch. Order yours today! Then plug it in, drop it in and watch as it works wonders. There’s no easier way to approach professional-grade pool maintenance.

Maytronics’ C7 Series Benefits

The C7 makes prepping for guest arrivals hassle-free 365 days a year. Still, the Winter and Spring Break seasons can present a unique set of challenges for owners and operators of privately-operated swimming pools.

Meet the new C7, a Maytronics commercial pool cleaning robot. (Image courtesy Maytronics US)

Maytronics’ C7 commercial pool cleaning robot lets you focus attention elsewhere.

Your hotel, spa, resort or fitness center may experience an influx in poolside foot traffic. You may find yourself accommodating an unusually high number of guests in all age ranges. If their health and safety are paramount to your hospitality-based operation, a pool cleaning robot capable of delivering a truly hygienic clean is what you need.

The C7 delivers crystal clear results with minimal downtime and little need for user intervention. So, go ahead! Assign staff members elsewhere in the busy season. You’ll still get:

•   Reliable automated cleaning backed by a Full, 2-Year Warranty.
•   Push-button programming and remote control navigation.
•   Top-loading filter configuration for easy maintenance.
•   Active brush scrubbing for pools up to 105-ft. long.
•   Flawless water filtration and pool floor coverage.

The benefits list goes on. Bottom line? The C7 makes managing pool water easy on you.

Winter & Spring Break 2018

In its “Best Vacation Rankings,” U.S. News & World Report cites far-flung Winter destinations like Auckland, New Zealand, and Quebec City, Canada, as highly desirable. Two U.S. cities also appear on that list: Orlando and San Antonio. Editors and readers laud their affordability, area attractions, quality of accommodations and climate.

The Winter and Spring Break seasons present unique challenges for resort owners. (Resort pool image courtesy Maytronics US)

Winter and Spring Break Seasons pose unique challenges for management teams. (Image courtesy Maytronics US)

If your property boasts similar amenities, you can reasonably expect to be busier than usual over Winter and Spring Break 2018. So, don’t get caught with your swim trunks down! Plan ahead to meet the increased demand for a pool-based vacation; one that’s typically prompted by cooler temperatures elsewhere.

Programmable, energy-efficient and user-friendly the C7 robot is equipped for remote control operation. Just set it and forget it. With a VGB-compliant commercial pool cleaner on the job, your staff can then focus on guest comfort and safety—which is why you’re in the industry in the first place. Click HERE to see the C Series in action and contact a Maytronics Elite Dealer for an on-site demonstration. Your guests (and staff) will surely thank you!

Have a C7 already? Post pics of your on-site pools and robot using #MaytronicsUS.