EXCLUSIVE! Pool Industry Sneak Peek

5 Products This Maytronics Girl Can’t Keep to Herself

By Christine G. Adamo

Are you good at keeping secrets? With me it depends on what kind of details you’re disclosing. I’m certain about one thing, though. When it comes to outdoor and backyard living, this Maytronics girl can’t keep anything to herself. Why should I? There’s just so much to say!

AQUA magazine is aimed at retailers, builders and service folks. The kind who make life easier on those of us who revel in the private swimming pool, residential swimming pool and at-home spa experience. This is where you come in—as the owner of a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner or related product.

The mag highlights industry news, trends and product releases. Its staff pulls together a Buyers’ Guide of roughly 1,700 listings each December. (View it online HERE.) In “Backyard Living” alone you’ll find things like swank benches, cabanas, patio heaters, market umbrellas and wood burning ovens.

5 NEW! Pool Products You Should Know About

The Modul'Air inflatable sofa can also be used as a double pool recliner. (photo courtesy of Pigro Felice)

Mix and match innovative, inflatable outdoor furniture and pool float pieces from the Modul’Air Collection till your heart’s content. (photo courtesy of Pigro Felice)

After perusing a recent, insider AQUA missive about Spring’s hottest products for pools, I knew I had to share a few of them. Me an my loose lips. In this case? They just may save the day.

Because if you, the proud owner of a snazzy pool cleaning robot, can’t count on me to come clean with exclusive insights? Who can you turn to? Envision this for a minute.

Your automatic pool cleaner is busily humming away on your behalf. As it’s doing that, your MyDolphinTM App is silently tending to the task of making sure that your cute li’l robot scrubs clean every drop of pool water.

You’re now free to move about the cabana. (Did you catch that?) With pool care on autopilot, all that’s left to do is enjoy yourself!

These (5) products which follow will help you do just that:

• Hydrocliner
• Bobé Tiki Torches
• AquaFinesse After-Spa Lotion
• Pigro Felice Modul’Air® Collection
• LOOP-LOC PearlEssence Liners

BONUS! Solara Pool Heating Systems


Know this before you reply, “In these colors?” What makes Hydrocliner floating recliners special is their ability to let you relax into the water. Few pool recliners do that—without a struggle! When the sun’s hot, you’ll keep cool. When the night chill sets in, you’ll rest in water that’s been warmed all day.

Each one is form-fitting and superlight, at 16 oz., which is sure to make them a favorite for those with a family. (Read: No need to get up and fetch it for anyone else!) It folds closed for storage in a patio bin or boat cubby. I’m partial to the Bahia in shocking pink. How ‘bout you? At less than $15, why not?

Bobé Fire & Water Flambeau Tiki Torches are crafted from hand-formed copper. (photo courtesy of Bobé)

Bobé Fire & Water Flambeau Tiki Torches are crafted from hand-formed copper. (photo courtesy of Bobé)

Bobé Tiki Torches

Add fiery, artisan flair to your next poolside soirée. Bobé Water & Fire Flambeau Tiki Torches are crafted from hand-formed copper. At 80” (or 6-ft. 8-in.) long, that’s one tall glass of swimming pool water!

But don’t be deceived by their sleek design, engineered in the U.S. to last many moons. These beauties are study, with a 15-lb. torch head for stability and a post reinforced with 10 individually-machined parts. Each fits seamlessly into the others for an eye-catching design.

Want to wow your guests? Create a stunning tiki torch surround!

AquaFinesse After-Spa Lotion

Are you looking for an after-spa treat that’s truly touchable? AquaFinesse recently announced a new addition: AquaFinesse After-Spa Lotion—a skin-nourishing body lotion drenched in the therapeutic and rejuvenating benefits of natural Dead Sea minerals.

For skin that feels refreshed and newly hydrated, let these luxurious moisturizers pamper your skin after a relaxing soak in the hot tub or sun. Available in two delicate fragrances: Apricot and Papaya-Lemon. And, be a good host! Keep one in your pool house or guest bath.

Pigro Felice Modul’Air® Collection

Imagine! Portable outdoor furniture and lounging pool floats with impeccable taste. From armchairs ($449) and double loungers ($729) to table trays ($99) and water hammocks ($139), the Modul’Air® collection is easy to set up, innovative and modular. So, mix and match till your heart’s content.

Pigro Felice’s inflatables feature a slip-resistant texture that feels like fabric. Available in an array of sun-kissed colors, its sofa quickly transforms into a double lounger for in-pool or poolside pleasure. It comes with a double backrest, two pillows, magnetic cups, cup holders and free shipping!

Bring the allure of the islands home with LOOP-LOC PearlEssence pool liners. (photo courtesy of Loop-Loc)

Bring the allure of the islands home with Pearl Essence liners. (photo courtesy of LOOP-LOC)

LOOP-LOC PearlEssence Liners

Antigua. Ibiza. The Caribbean.

Bring the allure of the islands home with LOOP-LOC PearlEssence pool liners. This 40-year-young, N.Y.-based firm first made a splash designing stylish, custom-fit pool covers that could keep an elephant from crashing any pool party.

Their designer, in-ground pool liners help create a spectacular centerpiece by transforming your existing pool into a work of art. LOOP-LOC has added some new finishes, including the styles mentioned earlier.

Check out their 20-year warranty and 24 long-wearing designs.

BONUS! Solara Pool Heating Systems

Harness the power of the glorious sun and heat your pool to body-pleasing temperatures. Solara Pool Heating Systems are proven energy-efficient and effective. Yet, if you’re in virgin territory here, their benefits are new to you. Bottom line? They’re easy to install and work like a dream.

The company behind the top-selling Dolphin robotics line—Maytronics—is known for producing a range of high-quality, energy-saving pool products. Their Solara system uses polymeric glazed insulation panels to heat water molecules and raise pool temperatures by up to 10 degrees. Ahhh!

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