Don’t Wait—Get Your Rebate!

Dolphin Days of Summer Thru June 30th

By Christine G. Adamo

Swim season. Summer. What could be better? Big savings!

Maytronics is giving pool owners reason to celebrate swim season—and the approach of summer—with a spectacular “Dolphin Days” Rebate program. No matter which grade of energy-efficient, user-friendly Dolphin robotic pool cleaner made your 2017 pool supply list, you’ll benefit from savings better spent on patio accessories, backyard care or a family BBQ. Seriously, whatever residential size swimming pool, there’s a rebate that suits you.

Save time, money and worry with Maytronics "Dolphin Days" of summer Rebate program. Details outlined here.

Save time, money and worry with Maytronics’ “Dolphin Days” of summer Rebate program now thru June 30th.

Don’t Wait—Get Your Rebate!

Sadly the “Dolphin Days” of summer won’t last. This limited-time offer applies to Maytronics automatic pool cleaners purchased from a brick n’ mortar dealer in-store from May 26th thru June 30th, 2017.

Not sure how a Dolphin pool cleaning robot can improve your outdoor living experience? Visit an authorized specialist pronto and request more info. (Heck, ask if you can take one home for a few days!)

This offer is too good to miss. See for yourself:

• $125 OFF – your purchase of a Premium robot
• $ 75 OFF – your purchase of a Classic robot
• $ 50 OFF – your purchase of a Standard robot
• $ 25 OFF – your purchase of an Above Ground robot

Each Maytronics robotic vacuum is built to last, energy-saving, benefits from active brush technology and comes standard with the finest filtration system in the industry—for crystal clear water from way down on the pool floor to the water’s surface. All with minimal downtime and little effort on your part. With no clunky hoses to mess with or trip over, nothing (Maytronics-related) will interfere with your poolside, backyard or swimming experience.

Which Maytronics Series Suits You?

Saving money is great, especially when you get great value in the process. Maytronics takes the guesswork out of doing both with a full line of trusted pool cleaning robots. Each one is rich in innovation and offers exceptional wall-to-wall cleaning:

• P Series – Premium vacuums
• C Series – Classic vacuums
• S Series – Standard vacuums
• AG Series – Above Ground vacuums

Read on to learn more about the high-performance features which correspond to these categories and stay tuned for a future blog post, in which each unit will be outlined in greater detail. Until then, feel free to visit Maytronics’ YouTube channel where you can access related videos.

P Series
MSRP: $1,399-$1,599

P Series products include the Active 30i, Apollo Plus, DX6, M 500 and S 300i. Dolphin Premium line pool vacuums are equipped with multi-function controls, IntelliScan technology (for exceptional floor, wall and waterline cleansing), timer systems, extended warranties and large-capacity filter systems. A great example is the Apollo Plus with precise navigation, a tangle-free cable system and adjustable run times.

At less than 14 lbs., the Encore offers a powerful clean in roughly two hours. (Image courtesy Maytronics U.S.)

At less than 14 lbs., the Encore offers a powerful clean in roughly two hours’ time. (Image courtesy Maytronics U.S.)

C Series
MSRP: $1,199-$1,399

C Series products include the Active 30, Apollo, DX4, Edge, M 400 and S 300. Want extra energy savings? Dive into the Active 30—complete with Maytronics’ patent-pending PowerStream Mobility System for a superior grip along vertical surfaces. Need to cover more ground? The Classic Apollo scrubs clean pools of up to 50 ft. in roughly three hours and has a weekly timer built right in.


S Series
MSRP: $549-$899

S Series products include the Active 20, Atlantis, DX3, Echo, Encore, Endeavor, M 200 and S 200. While compact, these robots are more than capable of getting big jobs done right. Weighing in at less than 14 lbs., the Encore has a cleaning cycle of two hours or so and is ideal for pools up to 33 ft. in length. For pools up to 10 ft. deep and 50 ft. long, consider an option like the Dolphin S 200.

AG Series
MSRP: under $500

AG Series products include the Active 10 and S 50. The Dolphin Active 10 is an introductory level robot that offers effortless operation and a top-access filtration system for no-muss, no-fuss cleanup. It’s easy to handle, easy to maintain and hard-working. The S 50 makes the most of CleverCleanTM advanced navigation technology for intelligent scanning that helps it weave around obstacles.

Other Innovations from Maytronics

Solara pool heating systems harness the sun’s heat to raise pool water temperatures by up to 10 degrees. (Image courtesy Maytronics U.S.)

Solara heating systems harness the sun to raise pool water temps up to 10 degrees. (Image courtesy Maytronics U.S.)

The benefits of teaming up with Maytronics don’t stop at Dolphins. Consider Solara compact pool heating systems, which use polymeric glazed insulation panels to harness the sun’s heat and raise pool water temperatures by a comfortable 10 degrees.

Then there’s Dr. Dryden’s Activate glass filter media—offered stateside thru an exclusive partnership with Maytronics. This innovation provides clearer, cleaner, healthier results by protecting pool water against harmful bacteria for a better home-based or commercial pool experience. And nothing beats the freedom of a leisurely swim.

READY TO CLAIM YOUR REBATE?  Ask a Maytronics Elite Dealer about “Dolphin Days” today!