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EXCLUSIVE! Pool Industry Sneak Peek

EXCLUSIVE! Pool Industry Sneak Peek 5 Products This Maytronics Girl Can’t Keep to Herself By Christine G. Adamo Are you good at keeping secrets? With me it depends on what kind of details you’re disclosing. I’m certain about one thing, though. When it comes to outdoor and backyard living, this Maytronics girl can’t keep anything to herself. Why should I? There’s just so much to say! AQUA magazine is aimed at retailers, builders and service folks. The kind who make life easier on those of us who revel in the private swimming pool, residential swimming pool and at-home spa...

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Talk Dolphin S300i to Me

Talk Dolphin S300i to Me 5 Cool Features of Your Robotic Pool Cleaner By Christine G. Adamo Peace of mind is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to pool water—which touches every precious surface of our bodies. Not to mention those of the folks we invite over for a cool, refreshing dip in the pool. Friends. Children. Grandchildren. In some cases, that even includes our furriest family members! With a Dolphin S300i automatic pool cleaner from Maytronics, peace of mind isn’t the only thing built right in. These streamlined powerhouses are used in 46 countries, have filtered more...

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