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COMMERCIAL vs. INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH Pick the Perfect Robotic Pool Cleaners for Your Property! By Christine G. Adamo Some people take their coffee dark as night and stiff as undiluted chlorine. Not me. I prefer latte style. Still, one size does not fit all. If I were your host, I’d stock up on whichever bean variety you prefer. If you wanted artificial sweetener? I’d go get some. If you had a hankerin’ for Mocha Mix? I’d grab a carton. As a Commercial, Industrial or Institutional pool operator, you accommodate guests every day. It’s second nature to you. Whatever makes for...

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WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE, DOLPHIN? Maytronics Robots vs. Suction/Pressure Pool Cleaners By Christine G. Adamo Will a Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaning robot truly make a difference in your life? You decide! Visit and what’s posted front and center is this: The Dolphin Difference. Yep, an entire tab is dedicated to helping you distinguish key features which make Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool cleaners the absolute best choice for commercial, residential or otherwise private swimming pools. We’re talking user-friendly, robotic vacuums designed and tailored to suit every size, shape and type of pool imaginable. Nothing cleans pools better or lets you...

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