All Swim, No Work? Ahhh, Freedom!

Save on Echo, Encore & Other Robotic Pool Cleaners

By Christine G. Adamo

All swim, no work? Now that’s the life for you. So, get one step closer to a more luxurious poolside experience.

Make the most of summer with a “Dolphin Days” Rebate from Maytronics. Claim your robot savings by June 30th.

Embrace the freedom robotic vacuums offer. After all, why own a residential—or other deliciously private—swimming pool if the upkeep is such a hassle you can’t lay back (or, perhaps, swim a few laps) and simply enjoy yourself? A trusted name in affordable convenience for nearly 35 years, Maytronics automatic pool cleaners efficiently and effectively take hassle out of the equation.

Thru June 30th, you can take advantage of a “Dolphin Days” Rebate!

Those looking to enjoy outdoor living in the Sunbelt states reap the rewards even longer. Pool owners/operators in AZ, CA, FL, NM and NV are entitled to a $50 Rebate on the purchase of this iconic brand’s Echo and Encore models thru Fri., July 7th. Contact a participating distributor or independent pool supply store for details. Then enjoy the backyard benefits built right into our pool cleaning robots, moving about the pool water—100% worry-free.


Exercise Your Pool Owner Privileges

Is it possible to find a pool cleaning crew that’s willing to charge as little as 5-cents per hour?

The Maytronics Dolphin Echo automatic pool cleaner (pictured here) is ergonomic, effective and efficient.

Available at select locations, the Maytronics Echo robotic pool cleaner helps you save time, save money and enjoy the outdoors even more!

The kind that’ll thoroughly scrub every inch of your pool’s floor and walls until they’re free of algae and other debris? Attending, of course, to every single one of its tile surfaces while making sure nothing gets lost along the waterline?

What’s that, you say? In your dreams? Well, it’s time we made those dreams a reality! On average, it costs a slim nickel to run each of these time-saving and energy-saving robots for 60 min. That’s right! At 10-cents per cycle, you can’t afford to ignore your pool owner rights and privileges any longer.

Make the most of your backyard experience, letting our robots do the work of an entire crew—in less time, with less hassle and with savings that merely hint at the benefits awaiting you. Still, by the end of summer, you’ll have saved enough to begin that patio remodeling project or to take your family on a little vacay. Ahhh! Let’s dive a bit deeper now, exploring how the Echo and Encore can make your time spent poolside even more enjoyable.

Dolphin’s Echo & Encore Models ($549 MSRP)

Beyond being lightweight and easy to handle, both the Dolphin Echo and Encore come equipped with Intelligent Navigation systems. In swimming parlance, consider it the equivalent of swim goggles. You can remain underwater as long as you like, afforded a clear view of any obstacles that stand in your way. You then get to maneuver around them with ease, avoiding mishaps. This feature keeps your system free from becoming trapped as it cleans.

Pictured here, the Maytronics Dolphin Encore automatic pool cleaner is ergonomic, effective and efficient.

The Maytronics Dolphin Encore automatic pool cleaner is ergonomic, effective and efficient. It’s also eligible for a $50 Rebate thru July 7th!

(7) Stand-Out Standard Features

There’a s lot to love about Maytronics products. Convenience truly is just one of the many perks of ownership! Other key features you’ll come to quickly love about these two product lines include:

• Active Brush Technology for surface cleaning
• Swift, energy-efficient, 2-hr. cleaning cycles
• Ideal for in-ground pools up to 35 ft. long
• Easy-Clean large capacity net baskets
• Both weigh in at a slim 13.8 lbs.
• Simple, one-button operation
• 2-Year Warranty (see details)

Read on for even more great news!

Other Freedom-Enhancing Perks

The units’ water resistant power supplies offer superb GFCI, or Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter, protection. In short, this further ensures the health and safety of both you and your guests. And, while “climbing the walls” is often deployed as a euphemism for feeling a little stir crazy, here it denotes the Echo’s and Encore’s ability to keep a firm grip on your pool’s sidewalls. In this way, the units achieve a maximum clean you simply have to see to believe.

Liberate Yourself Even Further

What will you do with your newfound freedom? (Which reminds me, ask for a FREE demonstration!)

The Maytronics Echo and Encore lines are further designed to be ergonomic, user-friendly and easy-to-maintain. Repairs, if needed, are a fast fix. With a $50 Rebate available thru July 7th, no Sunbelt home with a standard, in-ground pool should be without one. Choose to liberate yourself even further with powerful cleaning action that’s sure to save you time, money and worry. Contact your local pool store or distributor today. BTW, have you already purchased a Dolphin product?

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