Large-Scale Pool Cleaning & Maytronics Healthy Swim

By Christine G. Adamo

Health and fitness fans know that swimming is a great way to get or stay in shape.

If you’re a fan of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, it’s no stretch to believe that you’re also a fan of the healthy swim experience. More specifically, one that minimizes or entirely eliminates a reliance on chlorine or other harsh chemicals—reducing your own, your family members’, your friends’ and your pets’ exposure to them.

Yet, some pool owners and operators are faced with the grueling task of maintaining large-scale pools which endure repeated, heavy use. In such environments, deploying a multi-pronged pool cleaning strategy that extends beyond industrial or commercial robotic vacuums is critical. This can be achieved quickly and safely.

Healthy Pools? Healthy Bodies!

Swimming is great for the body. Germs and other toxins are not. Pictured: Adult male in a public pool. (Image courtesy of CDC Healthy Swimming)

Swimming does a body good. Germs, chlorine and other toxins do not. (Image courtesy CDC Healthy Swimming)

Not all swimmers have access to private or home swimming pools.

Yet, whether young or adult, they turn to swimming as a means for having fun while they burn fat and get fit. In writing for the online sports and recreation community Active.com, Ryan Wood estimates that a 155-lb. adult burns roughly 500 calories (if swimming slowly) to more than 700 calories per hour (if they swim rapidly).

The Serious Fitness Channel on YouTube has 81,750+ subscribers. It adds that swimming pool users get a total-body, aerobic workout with low risk of joint pain or injury. The reaching, stretching, twisting and pulling actions required to glide thru pool water also increase flexibility while toning muscles much like weight machines do.

If you happen to own, operate or manage a commercial swimming pool, you’re already savvy to the many benefits. Too, you may be painfully aware that some pool cleaning tactics are less user-friendly than others. From red eye to chlorine burns, pool users are prone to health risks and hazards—which are, thankfully, avoidable. One highly effective solution is the Healthy Swim System by Maytronics.

The Healthy Swim System by Maytronics

When used in combination, all three products in the Healthy Swim System by Maytronics offer the best possible defense against: bacteria, harmful disinfection byproducts, odors associated with pool chemicals, underperforming filtration systems and physiological side effects such as eye sting or skin irritation.

While delivering crystal clear pool water, each one scrubs surrounding air for a healthier indoor or outdoor poolside environment. They also help you save resources and money, namely in the form of energy savings, as you create a clean and stress-free experience for consumers. Below are (6) Key Benefits of each one.

  •   Healthy Swim AFM®—Activated Filter Media
  •   Healthy Swim ACOTM—Activate Catalytic Oxidizers
  •   Healthy Swim APF®—All Poly Floc

(6) Benefits of Healthy Swim AFM

Healthy Swim AFM reduces pool odor and improves backwashing for happier customers.

Hundreds if not 1,000s of people can be harmed by poor cleaning practices in just one pool. Pictured: Child playing on a waterslide. (Image courtesy of CDC Healthy Swimming)

Hundreds of people can be harmed by poor cleaning habits in just one pool. (Image courtesy CDC Healthy Swimming)

As a permanent replacement for sand in filters used to clean swimming pools, Dryen Aqua notes that AFM has the added benefit of protecting young and adult swimmers against parasites and bacterium (i.e., cholera).

Made of recycled material, Healthy Swim AFM never degrades, is bio-resistant and reduces airborne chloramines to:

•   Expel filter contaminants effectively
•   Improve water texture and quality
•   Improve ambient air quality
•   Reduce chlorine demand
•   Improve water clarity
•   Improve filtration

(6) Benefits of Healthy Swim ACO

Healthy Swim ACO reduces chlorine dependency and uses the sun’s energy for good. This product offered by Maytronics supports and accelerates pool cleaning by harnessing the sun to combat free radicals. Dr. William B. Salt, MD, explains, “free radicals are toxic byproducts of oxygen metabolism which can cause significant damage to living cells and tissues.”

As ACO cleans pool water, it helps:

•   Minimize Disinfection By-Products (DBPs)
•   Make large-scale pools more inviting
•   Harness the raw power of the sun
•   Reduce reliance on chlorine
•   Disinfect using UV light
•   Eliminate pool odor

(6) Benefits of Healthy Swim APF

Healthy Swim APF cleanses pool water of pollutants plus fine suspended particles.

Commercial or community pool cleaning requires a comprehensive approach. Pictured: Teens at a waterpark. (Image courtesy of CDC Healthy Swimming)

Used in tandem Healthy Swim AFM, ACO and APF offer the best possible defense against bacteria, DBPs, pool odor, etc. (Image courtesy CDC Healthy Swimming)

Considered a “multi-spectrum coagulant and flocculant,” APF removes polluting agents from pool water. It also forces ultra-fine, suspended solids (i.e., skin cells, bacteria) to band together into a “floc” for easy removal via a pool’s existing filter system. This two-step process has been shown to:

•   Reduce chlorine use by 80%
•   Cleanse pools of parasites
•   Cleanse pools of bacteria
•   Lower operating costs
•   Lower chemical costs
•   Eliminate pool odor

Pulitzer Prize-winning Penn Media Group notes that the “(6) Most Common Pool Problems” arise from or result in: chlorine imbalances, clogged filters, algae foam, iron/copper deposits, murky depths and mineral staining. It’s for these reasons that Maytronics’ AFM, ACO and APF products work best in tandem with one another, helping you erect a virtually impenetrable barrier against the big six and other pool problems.

Guard Against Pool Cleaning Mishaps

There’s added reason to adopt a Maytronics Healthy Swim System mindset.

Unhealthy pool cleaning practices pose a danger to all concerned. While red eye is undesirable, chlorine burns are serious but avoidable. As Time Magazine notes, two children suffered chemical burns early this summer while visiting the same Midwestern waterpark—which was temporarily closed by health officials. The culprit? Over-chlorination.

Guard against pool cleaning hazards with a Healthy Swim System. Pictured: Young boy enjoying a pool. (Image courtesy CDC Healthy Swimming)

Prevent pool cleaning mishaps with a Maytronics Healthy Swim System. (Image courtesy CDC Healthy Swimming)

State laws require water testing and facility inspection. Neither were done at the facility prior to opening. There was also a malfunction of equipment used to measure chlorine levels and ensure accuracy. The results were disastrous, proving the dangers of excess chlorine.

On Day One a 3-year-old complained of leg pain after 1.5 hours in the pool. Upon arriving home, her skin was red, “bubbly” and frightening. The pediatrician diagnosis was “chemical burn.” Events like these scare off consumers.

They make it difficult to attract and retain repeat customers. Can you afford that risk? Guard against mishaps. Ask a Maytronics Elite Dealer about Healthy Swim Sytems today.