5-Star Fabulous Pools

Bring the Luxury Home With Dolphin Robotics

By Christine G. Adamo

Going “5-Star Fabulous” is easier than you think!

Soak up sunsets in style with Dolphin robotic pool clearners by Matronics.

Soak up 5-Star sunsets in style with Dolphin robotic pool cleaners by Matronics. (artwork: Christine G. Adamo)

Nestled among images of his growing family with wife Victoria (a savvy entrepreneur in her own right), U.K. football memorabilia and icons of every sort from fashion to philanthropy, David Beckham routinely posts photos from his travels—including his picks for best private swimming pool—to Instagram.

Sneak a peek and you’ll find several snaps of the celebrated athlete taking a dip in the 150-meter infinity pool at the 5-Star Marina Bay Sands luxury resort in Singapore. Which made us wonder. What do “5-Star Fabulous” pools worldwide have in common and how can you bring that level of luxury home?

5-Star Fabulous Pools

Bring the luxury of a 5-Star resort home at MyDolphin.com.

Bring the luxury home with fabulous, robotic pool cleaners at MyDolphinPod.com. (photo: Dreamstime CC)

Beckham’s not the only fan of the Marina Bay Sands’ exclusive rooftop pool. ELLE Singapore and AFAR are just two publications which have featured its sparkling waters in pieces aimed at helping avid swimmers and sunbathers plan trips which promise the poolside experience of a lifetime.

Other 5-Star stunners include the seemingly boundless pool at Belmond Hotel Caruso—a converted 11th-century palace on Italy’s Amalfi Coast—and the mineral-rich waters of Colorado’s Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge. The latter is fed by a natural hot spring and puts a domestic U.S. getaway in easy reach.

5 Ways to Bring the Luxury Home

However spectacular those locales sound, being able to revel in luxury on your terms is why you own a pool in the first place. So treat yourself like a celebrity! We surveyed 5-Star pools worldwide and identified five trends that’ll turn swimming and sunning à la maison into a well-deserved VIP experience:

  •     Load an iPod with playlists for “Relaxing,” “Entertaining” and “Martini Time!”
  •     Take a cue from the Belmond and generously mist yourself with Evian.
  •     Replicate a Marina Bay main attraction—soak up sunsets poolside.
  •     Neatly stow a stack of opulent towels, in assorted sizes, nearby.
  •     Laze, lounge and let your Dolphin do the cleaning for you.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t share another little token of advice. As Master Architect Jean-Michel Gathy says, of designing world-class pools, “it’s actually more important to please the heart than the eye.” Translation? Leave pool envy to the amateurs and invest in your own oasis.

Take a Dip With Dolphin

Add some calm to your life with crystal clear water.

Crystal clear water adds calm to your life. Learn how at MyDolphinPod.com. (photo: Dreamstime CC)

Scrub brushes, skimmers and clunky filters are increasingly passé, thanks to innovations in automatic pool cleaners like the Maytronics Dolphin M500 robotic pool cleaner. The self-contained, remote-controlled unit is energy-efficient and uses ultra-fine filters to deliver crystal clear water. Click HERE for a glimpse at a fun, independent review by Healthy Homes Australia.

Gone are the days of unsightly hoses, harsh chemicals, unnecessary lugging and manual scrubbing. The entire line of Dolphin premium robotics products is easy to use and maintain—with active brush technology ensuring that your residential swimming pool sparkles like a gem from every angle. Want more great advice?

Download the MyDolphinTM app for tips, tricks and product updates in real time. You can even use it alongside your smartphone’s Bluetooth technology to activate or otherwise control your pool-cleaning robot while you’re on the go. What’s more luxurious than that? Now, show Beckham how it’s done!

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