5-Star Pool Supply & Building Advice

Atlanta’s Premier Pool Builder Sets Replicable 5-Star Standard

By Christine G. Adamo

Private swimming pool owners in northwestern Georgia often turn to Atlas Pools—Atlanta’s Premier pool builder, full-service residential swimming pool supply store and long-time retailer of Maytronics robotic pool cleaners.

5-Star Matronics dealer Atlas Pools near Atlanta offers value-added services. (residential pool image courtesy of Atlas Pools)

Matronics robotics dealer Atlas Pools near Atlanta offers several value-added, 5-Star services. (Image courtesy of Atlas Pools)

Atlas is also known for its wide selection of patio pavers, custom poolside grilling stations and one-of-a-kind construction projects which result in an even better outdoor living experience.

Steve Skura, who represents Maytronics U.S., recently paid a visit to the retailer. He did so hoping to find out what this 5-Star Dolphin pool cleaning robot dealer, robotics service provider and more is doing that can be replicated elsewhere.

What he found was a business that takes its clients’ pool, patio and home needs seriously, while embracing the benefits automatic pool cleaners and related technologies have to offer consumers.

“Atlas has had great success in its partnership with us and with its own clientele,” Skura explained. “It represents our brand well, has established itself as a one-stop shopping destination for all of its customers’ pool cleaning needs and has extended its reach by offering high-quality, custom outdoor remodeling services.”

In short, Atlas has achieved 5-Star status by giving pool owners more of what they want and need.

5-Star Satisfaction—Quick Tips for Maytronics Dealers

When our peers earn rave reviews, it generally pays to take a cue from what they’re doing and put similar practices in place. The (5) Quick Tips which follow can easily help other Maytronics dealers increase customer satisfaction rates and build added value into a number of other key areas like robotic pool cleaner servicing, pool supply sales, etc. Those (5) tips are:

Companion services and lifestyle displays help pool specialists stand out. (backyard waterfall image courtesy of Atlas Pools)

Companion services and lifestyle displays help pool specialists stand out. (Image courtesy of Atlas Pools)

Invest in ongoing staff training – Train your staff to be friendly, attentive and knowledgeable.

Offer companion services – Offer or recommend others who add value to your product mix.

Life-size your displays – Atlas features full-sized entertainment and demo areas on site.

Request feedback – Ask customers what worked, what didn’t and how you can improve.

Accessorize – Look beyond the obvious and sell outdoor lifestyle accessories, too.

Atlas has been so successful that Maytronics plans to feature the retailer and its clients in an upcoming video.

The short film will showcase the dealer’s successes. It will also highlight the unique perks of being a proud owner of the energy-efficient, user-friendly, active-brush technology robots Maytronics manufactures and the dealer supports—many equipped with multi-layer filter, enhanced navigation and remote control systems.

The result of supporting such innovations? Ultra-fine filters and energy-saving operation then help the family pool achieve a level of clean you have to see to believe. They also create the perfect backdrop for other services Atlas offers its clients.

“Atlas Pools turned our backyard into a paradise,” says Brandon Philips, of Lawrenceville. “When they first designed our backyard landscape, we thought it would be a vast improvement to our family outdoor experience. In the end, they turned it into a paradise that looks so much better than we (anticipated). We were amazed at the reasonable price we paid, as well. They restored our love of the outdoor experience. For that, we thank them.”

Skura says Phillips isn’t the only one who’s swimming with praise for Atlas.

Giving customers an interactive experience helps them envision the possibilities. (outdoor grill image courtesy of Atlas Pools)

Giving customers an interactive experience helps them envision the possibilities. (Image courtesy of Atlas Pools)

“The feedback we got as phenomenal,” Skura said. “Their Dolphin users rave that our products save them time and money. They love the fact that our automated cleaning systems are rugged but easy to use—and streamlined. They also love that the Atlas staff is easy to work with and offers 1st-rate service.”

Randolph Shepherd, of Marietta, couldn’t agree more.

“There is no finer company than Atlas Pools,” he said. “We were recommended to them for an in-ground pool and landscaping services—by two of our friends. It was as if (the entire process) was scripted and planned to the very last detail. There were no surprises and the job was (completed) ahead of schedule.”

“We really like the job Atlas Pools did,” he added. “We will recommend them to everyone we know.”

Atlas Pools is located just inside Atlanta’s north perimeter at 6100 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. The retailer features a large assortment of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners. While there, customers can use the free Dolphin Select Xpress app to identify the right robot for their unique pool cleaning needs.

In addition, the store employs pool builders with exceptional skill level and offers custom stone work—with a wide array of tile and stone products in stock and ready for installation. It also encourages customers to think outside the box, by having outdoor entertaining and grilling stations on-site.

Atlas Pools is authorized to sell the full range of Maytronics Dolphin and other products. Some are pictured here.

Atlas Pools (near Atlanta, Georgia) is authorized to sell a full range of Maytronics Dolphin and other great pool products.

Authorized to sell the full range of Matronics Dolphin and other great pool products plus backyard landscaping, swimming pool and a bevy of other accessories, the established retailer and pool builder consistently delivers exceptional customer service … of the 5-Star variety!

Learn more at AtlasPools.com or call (770) 451-3700 directly.