By Jaime Blair

Having a pool provides endless hours of fun and entertainment for your family—it’s also a ton of work to keep up with. So, most people rely on a weekly pool service to keep everything in tiptop shape. But we think you’d be better off letting a Dolphin do the work.

  1. Cost — Most homeowners spend an average of $150 per month on pool services. In ten years, you could pay more for maintenance than the initial cost of your pool—ouch! There is a better way. Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are available at prices to meet every budget, and they only cost 15 cents per cycle to operate. Not only is the Dolphin a less expensive option, but because it operates independently of the pool pump it can lower your energy bills and reduce wear on your pump and filter. The Dolphin also increases your pool’s circulation resulting in more effective filtration and reduced need for chemicals.
  1. Privacy — Most pool cleaning services show up unannounced once a week, presumably while you’re at work. But that’s not always the case. Maybe you work from home or took the day off to lounge around the pool in peace. That could be pretty awkward when you’re sunbathing like no one’s watching then a couple of strangers let themselves in your backyard! But, if you have a robotic pool cleaner like the Dolphin, the only guests you’ll have will be invited.
  1. Convenience — Much of what we do revolves around someone else’s schedule. Now, instead of waiting around for the pool service to give you the clean, clear pool you can’t wait to jump into, you can take matters into your own hands, without getting them dirty. A Dolphin pool cleaning robot takes multitasking to the next level—you do whatever you want and let the Dolphin do all the work! With it’s lightweight, ergonomic design and innovative features, the Dolphin is a cinch to use—just drop it in the pool and go. With the MyDolphin™ app, you can even choose the level of cleaning you need that day, one more way the Dolphin works on your terms.
  1. Efficiency — Have you ever heard the saying “work like a robot?” Not such a nice thing to say to your pool guys, but your Dolphin doesn’t mind! The Dolphin automatic pool cleaner is consistent, efficient, and never complains. Featuring CleverClean™ technology, the Dolphin scans every inch of your pool ensuring that each and every tile is thoroughly cleaned—it even climbs the walls and scrubs the waterline. A combination of enhanced maneuvering capabilities, active brushing action, and multi-layer filtration with fine and ultra-fine dirt capture ensures clean, clear, and healthy water—an exceptional pool experience.
  1. On-Demand Service — Having company over today and want to impress with a sparkling pool? But the pool guy isn’t coming for two more days! With a Dolphin pool robot you clean your pool on your schedule. And with the MyDolphin™ app on your smartphone, you can even manually spot clean in between regular cycles. Not only is it effortless, driving your Dolphin around the pool by remote is fun—you have to try the tilt mode!

Ditch your pool guy then kick back, put an umbrella in your drink, and let a Dolphin do the work.